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About us

A vision from Emilia De Castro...

Pahu means box or drum in Hawaiian. This creative space is meant to be a box full of ideas, passion, rhythm, love, and expression. 

Emilia traveled the world and settled in Florence, Italy to study art.

Now residing in Maui, she has opened Pahu, her studio where she practice yoga, dances, creates paintings, sculptures and collages. She is inspired by everything around her and passionate about life.

She wants to share the beauty of Art with the rest of the world. 

Born in Colombia, Emilia is a great dancer full of rhythm and energy that will teach you how to bring out your inner Caribbean dancer.

She has also practiced yoga for over 10 years and is a wonderful certified yoga instructor that will help you either get your practice to another level.

PAHU was created with one thing in mind, LOVE. It is a space to share and enjoy dance, yoga and art with the community and friends.